Colour and Sound Therapy



Colour is an integral part of our lives, and can be a very peaceful source of healing, colour can lift our spirits and make us feel happy and alive; it can make a hug difference in our lives; we are all affected by colour; and can be cheered up by a nice vivid colour, while a drab and dull colour can really bring our energy levels right down.


Colour Therapy plays a very important part in our lives; colour is always conveying it's subtle messages; not only do they effect us psychologically and emotionally, but they also effect us physically, and is for this reason that it is possible to use colour in healings.  As colour effects our lives so much, just what is colour, it is a quality of light.  To many colour Therapists there is the old age belief that in the truest sense colour is life.  Colour healing like many form of healings being received today also has it's roots in the past. 

colour2The ancient Egyptians knew the power of colour, and in their tombs and temples there are many varieties of beautiful bright colours; they had a system of colour science governing the cosmic energy we know as colour.  It is interesting to not that as early as 1810 Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe wrote a book on the theory of colour, but the first book ever written on colour and it's therapeutic value was by DR S Pancoast called 'Light and it's Rays of Medicine' published in (1877); it dealt mainly with the stimulating red and the soothing blue ray and the effects that they had on the human body. 

Not long after that, DR Edwin D Babbitt published his book 'The Principles of Light and Colour', and this dealt with the different spectrums and their uses in healings.    But it was a scientist Dinshah P Ghadiali who could actually explain why and how the different colours had various therapeutic effects on the human body, and in 1933 he published his works 'The Spectro Chomemetry Encyclopedia', Anderson (1979).  He also established the Spectro-chrome Institute in Malaga, NJ where colour therapy was combined with sound and rhythm.  He maintained that living in a healthy body involves a proper balance within the body of the colour energies; when this balance was disturbed then disease can result. 

colour3He found that red, green, and violet to be the primary colours in healing.  Anderson (1990).  Why colour healing when we have so many other methods of healing around the world today.   Thousands of drugs are used in medical practice throughout the world, which create imbalance in the body, hence many drug induced illness around.  Drugs can be unreliable and have so many side effects including toxins which the body has to work hard at eliminating; so many people react to different drugs; colour therapy has no harmful side effects; it does not treat the symptoms but goes straight to the root cause of the imbalance; by giving colour therpy instead of drugs a positive result can be achieved in contrast to the negative results from drugs. Anderson (1990)

The most powerful of all colours is violet; it has all the other colours combined and is very potent; it has a multiplier effect when projected simultaneously with other colours.  Violet and red should never be projected simultaneously nor should violet and orange since the effect is very destructive; violet and yellow will cause rapid and chaotic cell growth. Violet energy has a conciousness of its own; it knows where to go and what to do and is very effective for rapid healing in severe ailments; it also has a regenerating effect on damaged organs and nerves; it can also have a strong disinfecting effect.  The crown chakra is the entry point of violet evergy also known as Divine healing energy.  The divine healing energy is seen as violet light; divine energy has the properties of all the colours.  Divine healing uses divine energy for healing; the divine healing energy is God who is the source of all life.  It is practices in different religions:  Christianity, Buddism, Islam, Taoism, Baha'i, Judaism, Hinduism, and others.

As we begin our series of sound therapy CDS, I would like to consider with you the way in which Sound interrelates with Body, Mind and all Universal Matter to exert its effect as a healing modality.
The following lays down some semi-technical groundwork in an attempt to explain the rationale for this production.

The secret of all that we know and that which we cannot know is in the science of Music and Harmony, Sympathetic Vibration & Fractal Geometry.
From a physics [ PHI - CYCLES ] point of view, the fundamental basis of all natural phenomena is vibration. All natural forces manifest to us in a vibratory or cyclical manner.
First, let us consider the notion that the universe is made of one substance - and is ultimately an infinite medium of pure energy.
Now let us suppose that everything that exists within this Universal medium whether physical, non-physical, the forces of nature, consciousness, spirit, etc are types of pressure that travel through this medium.
The name we give to these pressures are waves. It can be mathematically shown through the Unified Field Equations that everything in our reality is made of waveforms that are harmonically related to light - colour & sound - which in turn is ultimately equivalent to pure energy.
[What we call mass is in fact the stored inertia of these waves spiralling in on themselves. Gravity is the result of the space/time curvature along which light waves follow a Phi-ratio spiral as they condense into matter. As the angular momentum of the waves slows, energy is given up as stored inertia to create matter. Perpetual motion in the atom can be explained in this way]

sound1FUNCTION OF SOUND IN CREATION - In the beginning was the word.
Sound can create order out of chaos. All the naturally occurring structures and shapes - from the subatomic electron to the individual atomic elements, from microscopic forms to planets, stars and galaxies, are ultimately created from intelligently organised bundles of standing waveforms possessing precise geometric structure and symmetry, formed and sustained by sound pervading the Universal medium - Even the rotational and spiralling motions are sustained by sound.
Scientific evidence for this is present in the study of CYMATICS. Fine powdered particles [lycopodia spore or talc] on a vibrating surface are subjected to particular sound frequencies - audible to the human ear. Each different frequency causes beautiful and precise geometric patterns to be formed by the particles. Gradually changing the frequency causes the pattern to change. Several different frequencies together will create increasingly complex patterns as well as rotational & spiralling movements. Similar shapes to galaxies and solar systems can even be seen to form also.
Here the vibrating surface and powder could be thought of as the Universal Medium with sound passing through, creating the waveform structures of our existence.
Many different and complex vibrational sound frequencies are harmonically generated from the primordial sound source creating our reality from the great void.
Thus, the tonal order of creation is based on the combination of many frequencies which are at precise proportion and ratio to each other. This is in fact what we call MUSIC and HARMONY as opposed to random noise and disharmony where sound frequencies are not in the correct ratio to each other with respect to a fundamental keynote. When we see the incredible order of nature within the cosmos we realise, based on the above principles, that there must be some sort of intelligent and complex, omnipresent celestial musical vibration.

In much the same way that there is a range of octaves on the piano, there are infinite octaves of waveforms which build all the dimensional realms, with a finite portion [or bandwidth] of these condensing to form our particular reality which itself contains a fundamental vibratory signature of a particular frequency.
Music and the individual sound frequencies have a natural instinct and tendency to progress both upwards in frequency, called progressive evolution, as well as to devolve into sub-harmonic tones. A particular tone or sound will bring into manifestation an infinite harmonic series of octaves and overtones above and below it [as above - so below] being exact multiples of itself.
E.g. The international standard for pitch is taken as 440 Hz or cycles per second for treble A. Taking this example as the fundamental or key note, a complex evolution can occur when treble A is played whereby a new but harmonically related sound is produced being the next octave above at 880 Hz - this being twice the frequency. If we were to keep doubling this frequency and go up say 48 octaves we would arrive at the frequency of light, specifically the colour indigo. This would apply to all the audible notes with each sound having a corresponding colour. These harmonic relationships keep going on up the octaves into the etheric levels of existence which are also vibratory in nature. Colour and sound are thus harmonically related and exert their influence on Man and Matter at all levels.

Resonance or self oscillation is brought about by sympathetic vibration. An object or tuned electronic circuit has a natural frequency at which it oscillates, resonates or vibrates - E.g a crystal bowl sized and manufactured to play middle C - 264 Hz or cycles per second [cps] will sound this tone when energy is transferred to it by striking or when it is properly played. If a second identical bowl is placed near it then this second bowl will resonate in sympathy when the first bowl is played. A similar situation will occur with tuning forks or guitar strings.

Energy is transferred from the first to the second bowl via sound pressure waves through air as the medium. The second bowl picks up this energy and vibrates because it is specifically tuned to the same frequency as the first and the two bowls resonate as one in a synchronised manner creating standing waves. In reality, the second bowl would still resonate [but not as much] even if it were tuned to any of the octaves of C, since as we have already said, the progressive evolution of fundamental notes manifests all the harmonically related octaves above & below, allowing energy to be transferred within the series.
Therefore resonance could be thought of as trinity of complex actions;
1. A creative force
2. A transmissive medium
3. A receptive vehicle
Only with this trinity present is there sympathetic vibration. This could have analogous relevance.
It is important to understand the nature of standing waves. They are essentially produced by two waves of equal frequency and amplitude travelling in the opposite direction. In our example waves from the first bowl travel in one direction and start the second bowl vibrating which sends its identical waveforms in the opposite direction. The result is a standing waveform produced as the bowls synchronise with each other. The nature of standing waves is that they are self reinforcing and their existence is prolonged and maintained. They are essential in the formation of any self-organising and coherent manifestation such as matter and especially biological life-forms. The higher the degree of synchronicity and sympathetic association between two objects, the less energy is required from outside the system to maintain the standing waveform. Nature in its perfection resonates in perfect synchronicity with the ultimate creative vibration - THE LIFE FORCE - and requires very little effort to maintain itself. Life itself is maintained by a sympathetic vibratory association with the life force.
Within our own bodies the greater the degree of harmony and synchronicity between the bio-resonance of organs, heart rythems, breathing patterns and brain waves, the higher the degree of sympathetic association with the Life Force and the more alive and healthy we become.
[SIDE NOTE: We have mentioned how generated frequencies manifest the higher and lower harmonic series of octaves. If we take this principle to its conclusion regarding progressive devolution, then there would be infinite sub-harmonics of extremely long wavelength that could linger for a long time, which is why we have to be careful how we use sound as well as watch our thoughts which are waveform in nature also.]

The way in which radio and T.V works is based on the principle of sympathetic vibration. When the tuning circuit of the receiver is tuned to the same frequency as that of the transmitter, the receiver vibrates in sympathy with that of the transmitter. Energy transfer within a narrow frequency band occurs. This energy is absorbed by the receiver and information encoded in the energy of the signal is demodulated into sound and/or pictures. When we wish to switch to another channel we adjust the tuning circuit of the receiver and the energy of another frequency is accepted.

The only way we can perceive our reality is if the cells within our organs of perception resonate in sympathy with the frequency we are perceiving whether it be light, sound, etc. The energy transfer ultimately ends up as electrical data to the brain. We actually have subtle organs of perception that can pick up higher frequencies - i.e third eye or pineal gland, but these have atrophied over the years as we have not been taught to use them.

As mentioned, our physical reality is a condensation of a myriad of pure waveforms from the electron to the atom - to the periodic table of elements - to molecules - to organic and inorganic matter. Instead of looking at everything as solid matter start to imagine it as a pure illusion of intelligently organized resonating waveforms with a fundamental frequency. Some say that these waveforms have been holographically projected by the thoughtforms of a higher being. Other evidence suggests that the fundamental wavelength / vibratory signature of our reality is 7.62 mm / - but well leave that alone for the moment .

Our bodies have multidimensional anatomy with higher frequencies layers [ethereal / astral / mental / spirit self] existing parallel with the physical. The physical is an expression of the outer fields [as above - cause, so below - effect] thus formation of the physical plane is guided by an etheric blueprint. What happens above in the higher frequency realms governs the physical plane.
Now let us consider the chakras before we bring it all togethor. These are spinning vortices of energy within the etheric field, aligned from the base of the spine to the head. There are seven major primary chakras and each appears to be associated with a major nerve plexus [i.e Solar Plexus ] and a major endocrine gland [ i.e adrenals in the case of the solar plexus]. Their function is to step down the frequencies and energies from the higher order realms to a level utilizable in the physical plane. This energy is distributed to the physical body through subtle energy channels supplying glands and cellular structures with life force and thus animating the body. Each chakra has a natural resonant frequency that denotes normal function in order for it to supply the correct energy. Too little and the area associated with the chakra becomes underactive - too much and over-stimulation and damage can occur.

The organs and glands of the body, briefly mentioned already above, are effectively complex biological oscillators with a vibration & frequency signature related to the vibratory signature or electrical bio-resonance of the individual cells. We could even think of them as crystalline in nature since crystals have a highly uniform structure based on identical molecular sub-components and also a pure vibratory signature - useful in crystal healing.
When the frequency of any cell deviates from the normal it will have an effect on the whole organ and consequently the whole body. A state of pathology sets in, and the tissue is said to be diseased. This frequency deviation first takes place as an imbalance in the magneto-electric field within the frequency realm associated with our thoughts and feelings [mental & emotional plane] - hence illness is very much pyschosomatic. Thoughts and emotions have waveform and frequency signatures associated with them also and effect the normal vibration of healthy cells. It has been shown that the waveform of emotion has a direct effect on the DNA of cells. As our thoughts and emotions tend toward higher frequencies - i.e towards a state of pure love - there are positive effects on our health.
Our physical bodies emit a sound and as such can be thought of as an orchestra playing a magnificent chord. Each cell and substructure is analogous to an individual player and instrument. For the whole sound to be harmonious, each instrument must be in tune relative to a fundamental note or key signature. If any instrument is out of key or any player looses his way then an obvious dischordant sound emerges - we are then out of balance.

Within the body the various biological oscillators must have frequency signatures that are harmonically related to each other. When everything is in tune a system of standing waves will be produced throughout the entire crystalline structure of the body. All the vibratory components of our bodies should be in tune and in synch with each other or else disharmonic waveforms will try to fight with and destroy the standing waves. If this happens the body ages quickly and dies.
Let us think of the Life Force as the ultimate vibration that never changes or needs tuning and governs the frequency and geometric characteristics of all the harmonically related dimensional realms that are born out of it. Everything in creation must be synchronized with and in harmony with it to exist and to maintain this existence. By this rationale everything in creation including our bodies should be in perfect balance at all times because the original blueprints relate back to the highest vibrations possible.
Because of free-will, many of our thoughts and lifestyle choices [i.e poor toxic diets] introduce dis-harmony and non-sustainable waveforms which affect the normal resonant frequency of our bodies. Consequently as we introduce destructive waveforms into our being, entropy [chaos] starts to set in at the spark gap junction of the DNA, and we age and die. This is not entirely necessary to the extent that we accept - provocative as this might sound to conventional science and philosophy.

Another important phenomena within the physics of the universe is entrainment. A sequence by which the frequency or motions of one system influences and brings about a harmonically related synchronicity of a second system. This is important to know before considering how the crystal bowls influence us.
E.G. The motions of the planets are inertially related to the motions of the sun around another central sun which is itself inertially related to the neutral & central point of the universe [zero time / zero motion].
The magnetic fields of the earth are entrained by that of the sun. The magnetics of the earth entrain the magnetics of our cells.
The waveforms and frequencies contained in the hearts electricity creates a phonon wave that entrains the brainwaves, the bio-resonace of cells and even influences activity in the DNA.

In seven of the tracks you will be guided through a visualization of a colour and of a chakra acting within the body to restore harmony. The background music does two things.
First it is played in the key signature corresponding to the chakra that is being discussed. The function here is that the fundamental key note stimulates the chakra making it accesible for visualization.
Second through emotional resonance and use of low frequency oscillators [LFO] it should help induce a state of relaxation allowing openess to what is being said and ease of visualization, allowing the mind to create balance in the body.

The bowls have been checked and tuned against standard pitch. As each crystal bowl emits its pure sound, several things happen.
As previously mentioned, the bowls manifest the harmonic series of octaves into the etheric levels where the chakras are located. As each bowl is played the corresponding chakra recognises the sound and colour whereby a fine-tuning occurs through entrainment thus helping to reset each chakra to its natural vibratory signature. In this way the natural vibratory signature is restored to the physical plane in each area associated with the particular chakra.
Following on, a sympathetic resonance occurs between bowls, chakras and the corresponding energetic sub-components of the body. A harmonic system of standing waves is set up between the physical and etheric planes. Disharmonic waveforms which create blocked energy channels through unnecessary friction are removed.
Disharmonic waves effectively fight with each and cancel each other out unlike standing waves which are self-sustaining. In the process there is heat and friction. This is analogous to a hot wire possessing greater resistance to electrical flow than a cool conductor, for anyone scientifically inclined.
This is done for every note in the scale and every colour in the rainbow, from the BASE to the CROWN. Eventually a balance should exist between the chakras as they become tuned - much the same way as a piano tuner tunes the notes on the piano. As musical entities we then emit an evenly tempered and harmonic sound. Life force and emotions then flow more freely and improved physical and spiritual health ensues.

On a more physical level the audio frequency of the bowls can entrain the brain waves at sub-harmonic ratios.
Particular brain wave frequencies [4-7 Hz] can help us relax and allow a feeling of connectedness and openess to higher self. Certain bowls one may find will help induce that state. It may not be identical for everyone.
Some will find certain bowls irritating as brain waves tend towards a state of alertness. Allow this to be part of the experience as energy channels are unblocked and all brain wave possibilities are exercised during the CD.

The musical compositions are played in the key signature corresponding to the particular chakra, and will have the same effect as mentioned, that is to help stimulate and balance each chakra. There are seven pieces of music and thus seven different minor key signatures covered in the CD. If you enjoy the music then emotional resonance will help release blockages on the emotional planes around the body making one feel good and thus bestowing health benefits to the physical, much the same way all music that we enjoy would work.

We recommend using the full 22 tracks in succession at least once. After that one may decide to balance chakras selectively, since separate tracks are used.
I look forward to bringing out a pure music CD later on containing the seven original compositions and several others for those who would prefer a purely musical experience.

  Certificate 1V in Vibrational Therapies.
Diploma of Metaphysics


This course is designed to accelerate your spiritual growth and personal development

The above competencies you are undertaking cover the requirements and responsibility to enable participants to work towards practicing as a crystal therapist.

During the workshop, you will learn the requirements and responsibilities required to conduct monitor and apply colour therapy treatment in vibrational therapies.

  • The relationship of the human aura to colour therapy.
  • The relationship of the chakras to colour therapy.
  • The relationship of sound to colour.
  • Treatment using techniques of colour therapy.
  • Conduct a full body colour therapeutic treatment.
  • Learn how to project colour into blocked areas and to clean and revitalize the chakras.

All manuals and handouts are provided.


Your knowledge and skills will be assessed during the workshop. By on going demonstration and observation, which will be recorded on an assessment checklist. Recognition of training will be given on successful completion of this course and a Statement of Attainment will be issued.

Rev. Dr Dianne Weinberger

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